Latest Past Events

Einstein, at Schuler Books in Ann Arbor

Schuler books 2513 Jackson Avenue, Ann Arbor

A book event in my own area code! Please join me at Schuler Books (formerly Nicola's…long live Nicola's and Schuler!) as we talk about what it takes to drag the […]

Einstein at Booksweet!

Booksweet 1729 Plymouth Rd, Ann Arbor

A local event — for me, at least — at Booksweet! You get my writing, and talking, and Jerel's art…what could be better?! (Okay, it would be better if you […]

Einstein, at An Unlikely Story

An Unlikely Story 111 South Street, Plainville

Jerel Dye and I will celebrate Einstein by talking to each other and you about the book. For those who don't know about the store, this is Jeff "Diary of […]