Jim Ottaviani: Chief Research Scientist

Jim's brain
  • ...spent his Freudian formative years just south of San Francisco in the 1960s;
  • ...caddied on the professional golf tour;
  • ...has operated a couple of nuclear reactors;
  • ...chauffeured (then-)Senator Al Gore on one of his early spins on the Information Superhighway;
  • ...earned a couple master's degrees that occasionally prove useful;
  • ...was refused beer (and got arrested) in DeKalb, IL and in Qingdao, China (no incarceration there, thank goodness);
  • ...pulled an all-nighter climbing Mt. Fuji, played frisbee on the Great Wall, forged steel in Eatonville, and saw quetzals in Costa Rica;
  • ...works full time as a librarian;
  • ...competed against Olympic short track speed-skaters in Lake Placid, and got whipped;
  • ...has been a vegetarian since 1983, and;
  • ...stays up very late writing award-winning (and award-nominated but not-always-winning) comics about scientists.

You can reach him at info [at] gt [dash] labs [dot] com. If you'd like a more structured biography, last we checked the one in Wikipedia is good.