• ISBN: 0-9660106-3-9
  • Retail Price: US$24.95
  • Page count: 240 pages
  • Publication date: November, 2001

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So, you've always wanted to learn how to build an atomic bomb? You're in luck: Jim Ottaviani is not only a comics writer...he also has a master's degree in nuclear engineering! But even though it's not a complete do-it-yourself manual (assembly required, and plutonium is definitely NOT included), Fallout will bring you up to speed on the science and politics of the first nuclear gadgets.

On a more serious note, like the other books by G.T. Labs, the focus of Fallout is on the scientists themselves -- in particular J. Robert Oppenheimer and Leo Szilard. Their stories, starting in pre-WWII Europe and continuing through to the height of the Cold War, offer a cautionary tale about the uneasy alliance between the military, the government, and the beginnings of "big science."

About the storytellers: Fallout features art by award winning artists Janine Johnston (Poison Elves), Steve Lieber (Whiteout, Batman), Vince Locke (Deadworld, Sandman), Bernie Mireault (Mackenzie Queen, The Jam, Grendel Tales), Jeff Parker (Interman, Robin) with Chris Kemple, Eddy Newell, and a painted cover by noted Studio artist Jeffrey Jones. In addition to being the author of the New York Times #1 Bestseller Feynman, all of Jim Ottaviani's books have been nominated for multiple awards, including Eisners & ALA Popular Paperback of the Year. They also receive critical praise in publications ranging (widely!) from The New York Review of Books to The Comics Journal to Physics World to Entertainment Weekly to Discover Magazine.


"Ottaviani's nonfiction graphic novel about the two most famous 'dissident' creators of the atom bomb meets and in sophistication exceeds the standards set by Art Spiegelman's Maus (1991-92), Harvey Pekar and Joyce Brabner's Our Cancer Year (1994), and Rick Geary's series of nineteenth-century true-crime stories." - Booklist, Jan 1/Jan 15, 2002; Vol. 98, Iss. 9/10; pg. 801.


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