glowing pickle!
Many visitors have asked why our site seems to be limned with an eerie green glow.

Our founder, in one of his earliest efforts to make G.T. Labs the lean and flexible virtual enterprise that it is, decided to stop wasting money on lightbulbs and instead work by the light of an electrified cucumber that has been carefully cured in vinegar and spices. Sure, the particles (or are they waves?) it emits don't cause eye-strain-inducing glare on our computer screens, but the real reason he took this innovative step was because, even though it smells evil, an edible light source is simply too good to pass up.

"Hah", you say. "Too good to pass up? It's too good to be true!"


By now you should know better than to doubt us when it comes to science. But if you require independent verification, visit your local library and find yourself a copy of

"Sodium D Line Emissions from Pickles" by J.R. Appling, F.J. Yonke, R.A. Edgington, and S. Jacobs, in Journal of Chemical Education, volume 70, number 3 (March, 1993), pages 250-251.

A tip of the Hatlo Hat to Penn and Teller for first introducing us to this startling but useful phenomenon.

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